Eating in Taipei: 21工房 (21 Food Studio)

One of my favorite noodle places in Taipei! 



ALL WEEK: 10:00AM-9:00PM

ADDRESS: 103, Taiwan, 台北市大同區酒泉街10巷25號 MAP



Need something to do in Taipei? 

Grab a meal at 21 工房! Their specialty is their house-made vinegar! Their noodles are made with a fruit enzyme that they claim helps aid digestion. 


When you enter, proceed to the counter and grab a menu and a red pencil. Order by marking directly onto their menu and handing it to the server! I always opt for their Cold Noodle with Pork + Sausage, with the vinegar sauce! It’s the perfect, light, summer meal. 

They have a lot of small dishes and appetizers to choose from as well. 

After you eat, you can go check out the Maji Plaza or take a ~10 minute walk to the Taipei Museum of Fine Arts! 

Check out their menu here



  1. Take the Tamsui-Xinyi (RED) Line to Yuanshan station
  2. When you exit the station, head towards the right and keep going forward
  3. Pass the Is Taiwan Is Chocolate store and keep going
  4. 21 Food Studio will be on your right



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