About me:

I love traveling (on a college budget). My friends love traveling. We love to eat. So I decided to write about some of the places I’ve been to! Unfortunately I often forget to take pictures because I’m too hungry to remember… but when I do, I’ll be sure to capture the restaurant and post about it here! It’s a little diary of sorts for me to document parts of my travels as well!

love skincare (also… sadly… what I can afford on a college budget). I like trying new brands every time, so I thought why not! I might as well review each product and post on here as well.

I love cooking. Though I don’t cook or bake as often as I’d like, if I find a recipe that sticks with me, I’ll post my modified version on here as well (and a link to the original recipe that inspired me)!

I’m new to blogging. WordPress is so confusing to me. Please be patient as I try to figure all of this out!

Lastly, thanks for checking out my blog! Feedback is greatly appreciated.

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