Eating in Taiwan

My parents are both from Taiwan, but I was born in the United States. My first time visting the motherland was the summer of 2010, which was right before I started high school. I absolutely loved it there. Taiwan is so different from the States, yet felt so familiar at the same time.

I’m from Houston, so heat and humidity aren’t new concepts for me, but Taipei knocks Houston out of the ballpark with regards to the weather. Anytime I stepped foot outside, my skin would instantly start glowing with a thin layer of sweat. I hated it. But I still loved the country (don’t @ me). And I had to learn to be less self-conscious about smelling and sweat stains because everyone else is sweating too.

I loved stepping outside and hearing Standard Chinese or Taiwanese being spoken (I graduated with a Chinese major). Hearing Chinese always makes me feel like I’m home. 

And the food. Oh, man. The food in Taiwan is absolutely delicious and cheap. The sashimi is so fresh, the beef noodle soups are so savory, the green onion pancakes are so crisp, and the night markets are just filled with stalls after stalls of mouthwatering eats. Just thinking about Taiwanese food is making my stomach rumble.

So I decided, on my third trip to the country, to start documenting some of the food I ate (unfortunately, I only decided on this during my last two weeks, so there were many foods that I didn’t capture). And I continued this during my fourth trip there (during the summer of 2017). And eventually I landed on the idea of just starting a blog so I could have an easier way to keep track, and well, here I am!